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Original composite materials, vacuum consumables and equipment

MULTITEX Composites.com is a trendsetter online store for composite materials. We offer high quality products of leading european brands. 

Large variety of carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass, epoxy resins, prepreg carbon fiber, polyester resins, vacuum consumables and many different high quality composite materials.

Оriginal quality materials from brands such as SGL Carbon® (carbon fiber), Teijin® (aramid), Sika® (resins), Diatex® (vacuum consumables) and many other leading manufacturers of composite materials from Japan, Germany, France and other countries are available on our pages.

We provide express and cheap shipping options with low-cost courier companies and short delivery terms.

Product Categories

Carbon fiber fabrics

Wide range of carbon fiber fabrics - woven fabrics, non-crimp fabrics, non-wovens as well as TowPregs and hybrid weaves. Learn more >


Next-gen carbon prepregs with selected resin systems. Out-of-Autoclave and Autoclave grade materials. Learn more >


Fiberglass weavers, mats and tissue, biaxial and triaxial fabrics, roving and similar composite materials. Learn more >


Epoxy resins for composite materials, polyester resins, river-table resins, casting and tooling resins and many different additives. Learn more >

Aramid and hybrid fabrics

Aramid weavers and hybrid fabrics in a variety of weights and weaves. Learn more >


High quality polyester and epoxy gelcoat for manufacturing of composite products and moulds. Learn more >

Core materials

Variety of different core materials for hand lamination or resin infusion. Learn more >

Vacuum consumables

Peel ply, infusion mesh, release film, vacuum bags, gum tapes and many other consumables. Learn more >

Release agents

Chemical release agents, branded PVA release agents and a variety of waxes. Learn more >


Structural adhesives for bonding composite materials. Learn more >


Original Alcantara® upholstery for interior and automotive. Alternative fabrics for upholstery. Learn more >

Starter kits

Choose your box for carbon skinning, vacuum bagging or resin infusion. Learn more >

Carbon fiber tubes

Carbon fiber tubes and rods in different varieties. Learn more >

Carbon fiber sheets

Different size and thickness sheets and panels. Learn more >

Varnish and polish

High gloss, matte or semi-matte varnish, polishing pastes and pads and many more. Learn more >


Professional vacuum pumps, scissors, fittings and accessories. Learn more >

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