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Carbon fabrics, tows, unidirectional and biaxial weavers

Selected fabrics designed for manufacturing of high quality products in the composite industry. We offer carbon fabrics of several famous brands and also our own branded weavers on the best price and quality.

Carbon fabrics on stock

MULTITEX TRADE LTD. was founded in 2009, but the history began as a textile company in 1993. The main activities of the company are distribution of composite materials, own warehouse, fulfillment center, textile processing workshop and composite manufacturing facility. The company is based in Plovdiv city, Bulgaria. Because of the strategic location we are able to provide cheap and fast delivery conditions to our clients.

Prices are per sqm. All fabrics are sold per linear meter, winded on a cardboard spool.

Carbon fabrics on request

MULTITEX TRADE LTD. has its own outsourced manufacturing facility, which can produce large portfolio of different carbon fiber fabrics on demand.

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SGL Carbon was founded in 1992, but our roots reach back much further. In total, we have more than 100 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing carbon-based materials and products. Employing around 4,800 people, SGL Carbon is a global company with more than 29 high-performing production sites in Europe, North America, and Asia. Thanks to their extensive sales network, they are close to the customers and their markets.

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