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CNC Services

In addition to our carbon fiber sheets we offer precise CNC cutting services on great price. It is so simple - just upload your CAD drawing and we will process your order according to your desired sheets.

Select one of our standard size carbon fiber sheets and add it to your cart. For custom size sheets please contact us by email.

Add "CNC Services" to your cart depending on the complexity of your drawing. Each service is valid for 1pc. of sheet. For large orders (more than 5 sheets) we will tax just 1 cnc service.

We prefer to receive AutoCAD .dxf or .dwg drawings with all parent files, but we also support SolidWorks .step formats.

Copy the link from docdroid.net and click on the button to send it directly.

If you prefer just place your order from your cart and email the drawing to [email protected]

When your order is received our team will contact you to confirm and to discuss more details for your order if needed.

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