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MULTITEX TRADE LTD. is a small trading company, located in Bulgaria. Our main warehouse is based in Plovdiv city. Because of our good location we are able to provide great delivery conditions to our clients. We have developed a new simple and clean online store, ready for your next orders.
MULTITEX Composites.com is one of the biggest online stores for composite materials in eastern Europe. We offer high quality products of leading european brands. 

We offer large variety of carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass, epoxy resins, polyester resins and vinyl-ester resins, vacuum consumables and many different kinds of high quality composite materials.

Оriginal quality products of brands such as Mitsubishi Chemical® (carbon fiber), Teijin® (aramid fiber), Sika® (resins), Diatex® (vacuum consumables) and many other leading manufacturers of composite materials from Japan, Germany, France and other countries are available on our pages.

    We provide
    express and cheap shipping options with low-cost courier companies and short delivery terms.

Our main courier service provider is DPD - one of the largest shipping company in Europe. They provide great shipping prices for long packages and heavy rolls - between 15 EUR and 25 EUR for up to 30kg long package. Delivery terms are 5 to 7 days between the most remote countries in Europe. Of course for your convenience we work also with DHL, UPS, TNT (FedEx Express) - it is up to your choice.

    Online payments are integrated in our website so you can shop and pay safe with your debit or credit card. 

We have chosen MyPOS as a card payment provider, because they ensure one of the most reliable and safe POS terminal payments in Europe. It is very important for you as our client to be sure that your order will be processed securely and your money will be handled safe to us. We also have a PayPal account, which you can use to make PayPal payments. For large orders we provide a Bank Wire Transfer through standard IBAN bank account.

    Every item in our warehouse is well packed with the appropriate wrapping - boxes, stretch film, bubble wrap.

Every product has its own QR code on the label. When you receive your package you can scan it with your smartphone and you will be redirected to the product page, where you can check technical specs, information, or place a new order for the same product.

    We supply genuine quality products from the most famous brands in the composite industry.

Our main partners are leading manufacturers of composite materials such as prepreg carbon fibers, epoxy resins, vacuum consumables and etc. We are proud to present their high quality products and to distinguish us as trading company from other warehouses which supply cheap, low quality products.

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