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Here you can review our range of composite materials and choose between large variety of carbon fiber fabrics, prepregs, epoxy resins or vacuum consumables - it is up to your choice.

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Here you can search through our full list of available composite materials and choose your desired product.

Лепило AcraLock®
€ 39.00
Пистолет за лепило AcraLock®
€ 59.00
Миксер AcraLock®
€ 1.60
PVC лист MultiCell®
from € 249.00
On request
Тапицерия Arsen®
€ 19.00
Fiberglass weaver 300gr/m2-Copy
from € 4.80
MEKP catalyst
from € 14.00
Carbon tube OD20mm-Copy
from € 12.00
Carbon tube 3K twill gloss
from € 31.30
Carbon-aramid 170g/m2 - 120cm width
CNC Услуги
from € 29.99
Epoxy resin SIKA® Biresin® CR82
from € 33.00
Epoxy resin Sika® Biresin® CR82 (14,1kg)-Copy
from € 35.00
Fiberglass 163gr/m2
from € 3.00
Fiberglass 280gr/m2
from € 3.50
Fiberglass 80gr/m2
from € 2.90
Стъклотъкан 300gr/m2
from € 2.10
On request
Стъклотъкан 500gr/m2
from € 3.90
On request
Infusion mesh FLONET (100m)
€ 252.00
Lantor Coremat 2mm
from € 8.80
Lantor® Soric XF 3mm
from € 17.78
Out of stock
Peel ply PA80 (100m)
from € 252.00
Peel ply PA80 FLUO-Copy
€ 444.00
Polyester resin MULTIPOL® TP200
from € 6.00
Контейнер за смола
€ 180.00
Spiral hose for infusion - 10m
from € 4.80
S120 Board sealer
€ 119.00
On request
SphereCel PE core material
from € 210.00
On request
Steel rollers GAZECHIM™
€ 18.00
Transparent hose
from € 2.40
Rubber connector 8mm
from € 3.60
Вакуум помпа VALUE™ V-i120
€ 190.00

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